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  • REST API Endpoints

    GravityView 2.0 features a new simple but powerful REST API that allows read-only access to Views and Entries. There are four endpoints in the /wp-json/gravityview/v1/ namespace: /views Returns a

  • How to customize the Excel export file name

    When exporting your DataTables View to an Excel file, the default file name combines the View name and your website name. Add your preferred file name on line 3 between the single quotes: add_filter(

  • Changing the style of the export buttons in DataTables

    Sometimes you want to change the style of the export buttons to match the style of your theme. While we don't provide CSS support, here are two classes that can quickly help you modify those styles:

  • Attaching an entry export to a notification using GravityExport Lite

    GravityExport Lite, our free plugin that can be downloaded directly from the WordPress Plugin Repository, has this fantastic feature that allows you to attach the export of your newly created entry

  • View Settings: Allow Export: Exporting entries as CSV or TSV from GravityView

    When exporting entries, only the fields configured in the View will be shown. If a user can not see a field by accessing the View, they will not be able to access it by CSV export. In View Settings,

  • Styling PDF file exports

    GravityExport gives you full control over the look and feel of PDF file exports. Before the PDF is rendered, an HTML table is constructed: <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"

  • Importing and Exporting configured Views

    Exporting Views You can export GravityView Views just like you can export Posts in WordPress: Sign in to your WordPress Admin Click on Tools Under Tools, click on Export Select the Views radio button

  • Exporting all fields to CSV

    When exporting entries to CSV, only the fields configured in the View will be exported to your CSV file. You can export all the fields from your form, however, by creating a View that includes all

  • Exporting a CSV from LibreOffice

    Gravity Forms does not include entry import functionality. GravityImport is the best way to import data into Gravity Forms from a CSV. Get it today, and import your entries fast! Buy it now!

  • Exporting List fields as JSON

    By default, when exporting List fields, Gravity Forms creates a column in the CSV for each of the responses. This can make for a very long and complicated CSV. So we added a new way to export and

  • Exporting a CSV from Google Sheets

    Gravity Forms does not include entry import functionality. GravityImport is the best way to import data into Gravity Forms from a CSV. Get it today, and import your entries fast! Google Sheets is the

  • Exporting a CSV from Apple Numbers

    Gravity Forms does not include entry import functionality. GravityImport is the best way to import data into Gravity Forms from a CSV. Get it today, and import your entries fast! Buy it now! Numbers

  • Exporting a CSV from Microsoft Excel

    This article uses screenshots from Microsoft Excel 2011 Mac. If you are using Excel for Windows, or a different version of Office, the screenshots will differ, but hopefully the basics are the same.

  • Exporting forms & Views from your site

    Follow the instructions below to back up the forms and Views on your website. Forms If you’ve created forms in Gravity Forms that you want to save, you can download these as a JSON file, which you

  • How Is GravityExport Lite Different From GravityExport?

    You may be wondering what the difference is between GravityExport Lite and GravityExport. GravityExport Lite Export data via a secret download URL Enable a single download URL for each form in

  • Calendar Blocks

    GravityCalendar 2.0 adds two new blocks to WordPress: The "GravityCalendar Buttons" block and the "GravityCalendar Link" block. You can see all calendar blocks by editing a page/post using the block

  • How to add a PDF download link to your View

    In this article, you will learn how to add a PDF download link to your View, allowing users to download individual entries as PDFs. 1. Installing GravityExport (required) You'll need to start by

  • Importing List fields into a new form

    For single-column List fields (default): Select the List field from the "Import To…"dropdown list: Entry Importer will take care of the import from there! For single-column List fields, you don't

  • Adding a download button for entries in GravityView using GravityExport

    In this article, you will find out how to use GravityExport to add a download button to your Views, allowing you to download individual entries. 1. Create a new export feed Head over to the form

  • How to customize the CSV field separator?

    If you are using the DataTables Extension to export the view into a CSV file, you may need to customize the field separator (by default it is a comma). To do so you would need to adapt and paste the

  • Buttons (DataTables Setting)

    Display buttons that allow users to print or export the current results. Print The "Print" button opens a new window for the user, generates a table with a copy of the data from the original table,

  • Updating existing entries with the GravityImport plugin

    In addition to creating new entries, the GravityImport plugin does allow you to update existing entries. Beware! When updating an entry, the existing entry will be overwritten entirely, not only the

  • GravityExport: The "Enable multi-row splitting setting" setting

    By default, values for fields like the Gravity Forms "List" field or the Gravity Perks "Nested Forms" field get combined into one cell during export. This is often not useful, especially for data

  • GravityExport FAQ

    Is GravityExport Lite required for GravityExport? Yes, GravityExport currently requires Lite to be installed and activated. If it's not, you will be shown messages guiding you to install and activate

  • Changing the File Format of a Report by Adding the File Extension to the URL

    To change the file format of a report, all you need to do is add your desired file extension (".pdf", ".csv", or ".xlsx") to the end of the download URL. Note: This works with any download URL

  • Changing the orientation of a PDF from portrait to landscape

    If you are using the DataTables View layout, you export your visible entries to a PDF, however, this PDF is formatted in portrait mode. If your View has lots of columns, this portrait mode can't

  • Getting a 404 error when accessing CSV endpoint

    In Version 2.1, GravityView added the ability to export a CSV of View results. The CSV can be accessed by adding "/csv/" to the end of the View URL. Before:

  • Connecting Dropbox to GravityExport

    Note: GravityExport Lite does not support Dropbox export. This feature is only available in the full version of GravityExport. In GravityExport 1.1 we made it easier and more secure to link your

  • Connecting FTP to GravityExport

    Note: GravityExport Lite does not support FTP export. This feature is only available in the full version. GravityExport allows you to save entries to a remote FTP server. Follow these steps to

  • How to manually trigger a GravityExport Save Feed

    You can manually trigger a GravityExport Save feed by calling a public URL. If you want to trigger the feed to run on a schedule, you can do so using a cron job (more on this below). When creating a

  • Calendar Shortcodes

    As of version 2.0, GravityCalendar now supports four different shortcodes. Each shortcode requires the id parameter to work. [gravitycalendar] This shortcode allows you to embed a calendar on your

  • Getting Started With GravityExport

    This article will explain how to get started using GravityExport. Prefer to Watch the Video? 1. Download and Install GravityExport Lite The full version of GravityExport requires you to have the Lite

  • Comparing GravityView’s View Types

    Once you’ve created a new View and linked it to an existing form in Gravity Forms, the next step is to choose a View type. Depending on your license, you’ll be able to choose from up to 5 different

  • Creating a review/voting system by embedding a form into a single entry

    Because GravityKit's Ratings & Reviews extension is based on the WordPress comments system, it is limited in some ways. For example, you can't export the reviews, or you can't generate a chart based

  • Importing List fields into existing foms

    For single-column List fields (default): Select the List field from the "Import To…"dropdown list: For multiple-column List fields: When Gravity Forms exports list fields, each row of the field will

  • Redirect to GravityView

    Learn more about GravityView, the best Gravity Forms add-on for displaying, exporting, and editing entries on the front end.

  • Capabilities necessary to import entries

    Please see this other article if you wish to restrict access to the Import Entries page. These are the minimum capabilities necessary to allow a WordPress User to import entries using our

  • Getting Started With the DataTables Layout

    In this article, we’ll show you how to get set up with the DataTables Layout. Prefer to Watch the Video? Installing the DataTables Layout You can install the DataTables Layout from inside WordPress.

  • How to restrict access to Import Entries

    It's easy to give access to a custom user role to import entries by adding some capabilities to that role. But if you want to restrict access to the Import Entries tab in the Import/Export page of

  • Allow for non-standard imported values for checkbox fields

    Normally, the imported value should match the checkbox input's value. If the checkbox in Gravity Forms has a value of "Apple", the imported cell value should also be "Apple". If the CSV value is

  • Importing dates in UTC timezone

    Gravity Forms stores the created, updated and payment dates in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) timezone. GravityImport allows you to set those 3 dates to a value of your choice and will

  • GravityImport: Preparing Your CSV for Import

    ⚠️ This guide is for earlier versions of the GravityImport plugin (versions 1.x). The information provided here doesn't apply to the newest versions (version 2.x). If you exported entries from

  • Create a new form in Gravity Forms from a CSV

    GravityImport allows you to create a new form when uploading your CSV file. This can save you time when you need to build a new form for a large data CSV. The New Form functionality is also great if

  • Import CSV to Gravity Forms with Import Entries 2.0

    Import Entries 2.0 is hands-down the best and most powerful way to import a CSV into Gravity Forms. Version 2.0 of Import Entries is rewritten from the ground up for reliability and ease of use.

  • Entry Importer Developer Hooks

    This document contains a complete list of past and present actions and filters in the GravityImport plugin. Filters gravityview/import/meta_fields Filter the known meta fields. This is useful for

  • GDPR and GravityView

    Note: This post does not constitute legal advice. What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union regulation designed to protect private Personally Identifiable

  • How to Import Entries into Gravity Forms

    GravityImport is the best way to import data into Gravity Forms from a CSV. We’re the only Gravity Forms Certified Add-On for importing entries from CSV. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to