Comparing GravityView’s View Layouts

Once you’ve created a new View and linked it to an existing form in Gravity Forms, the next step is to choose a View layout.

Depending on your license, you’ll be able to choose from up to 5 different layouts.

  • The GravityView license includes the Table and List layouts
  • The GravityView Pro license includes the Table, List, DataTables, Maps, and DIY layouts

Note: If one of the View layouts isn’t showing up, even though you have the correct license, it may be because you haven’t installed the required plugin. For instructions on how to do this, see Installing, Activating, and Updating GravityKit Plugins.

Differences Between View Layouts

Table View: Displays your Gravity Forms data in a table layout. This view works well for dense data or data that is mostly numerical.

List View: The listing view displays form entries one on top of the other. This view is perfect for directories, and personal profiles.

DataTables: With advanced filtering options, DataTables gives you full control over how your data is displayed on the front end. With DataTables you can also export your data in a variety of formats.

Maps: Using the Maps view you can display Gravity Form entries as a marker on Google Maps. The Maps Layout is best for business directories, store locators, and services directories.

DIY Layout: Built for web developers, designers, and anyone with basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, the DIY layout gives you maximum flexibility by allowing you to design your very own view layout.

If you would like to see a live demo of any of the View types, simply click the links below:

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