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Gravity Forms Add-Ons


Display your Gravity Forms data on your website.

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Learn how to Bulk Import CSV files to Gravity Forms.

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Edit Gravity Forms Entries faster.

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Export entries to Excel, CSV, or PDF. Automatically send reports to Dropbox and FTP.

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Perform arithmetic calculations in WordPress.

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Show your Gravity Forms entries on simple, powerful calendar.

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Create beautiful charts and graphs using your Gravity Forms data.

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Increase your productivity by bulk updating thousands of entries instantly.

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Track changes in Gravity Forms entry values.

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Easily move everything Gravity Forms (forms, entries, add-on feeds) between sites.

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Gravity Forms Entry Tags

What Post Tags are to Posts, Entry Tags are to entries: easily label and group entries using tags that you define!

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Gravity Forms Event Field

Easily create events in Gravity Forms. Supports recurring events & GravityCalendar.

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Getting Started

<strong>👆If you are new to GravityView, you should start here!</strong>

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View Setup

The basics for configuring a View.

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Frequently Asked Questions about GravityView and its extensions

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Advanced topics for developers.

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Common Problems

Your question might be already answered here!

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Customizing Your Views

Want to change how your View looks?

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Edit Entry

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Entry Approval

Learn about approving and rejecting entries from the admin and the front of your site

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Filter and Sort Results

Getting just the right entries to show up for your View.

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Gravity Forms

Modify some of Gravity Forms' behaviors.

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Merge Tags

GravityView has custom Merge Tags you can use to display dynamic content.

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Roles and Capabilities

Control who can see what in your Views

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How to configure search for your View.

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Embed Views in posts and pages, and display content conditionally.

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View Settings

Docs about individual View settings.

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WordPress Posts

You know you can edit WordPress Posts through your Views? Pretty cool, huh?

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GravityView Extensions & Layouts

Advanced Filter

Only show entries submitted by the current logged-in user, and more...

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Dashboard Views

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Multiple Forms

Articles showing how to connect multiple forms in GravityView.

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DIY Layout

Advanced layouts for designers & developers. <!-- <div> <iframe width="560" height="315" src=";showinfo=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe> </div> -->

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A-Z Filters

Learn how to filter your entries alphabetically

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DataTables Layout

The most popular (and powerful) View type to display your form results.

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Featured Entries

Use this extension to stick entries at the top of your results.

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Maps Layout

Using the GravityView Maps layout, connecting to Google Maps, and more.

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Ratings & Reviews

1 or 5 stars? Up vote or down vote? Leave a comment or review with this extension.

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Social Sharing & SEO

Allow Google to discover your entries

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PDF for GravityView

PDF for GravityView by Gravity PDF

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General Help

Account, Invoices, and Billing

Everything related to your GravityKit account.

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License Related

Learn here how to activate your new GravityKit license.

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Plugins and Settings

Articles explaining how to install an add-on or extension.

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