Getting Started: Adding Fields to the Multiple Entries and Single Entry Pages

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Once you’ve selected a View Layout, you will see the View Configuration panel appear. At the top, there are three tabs corresponding to the different layouts that make up a View. These are:

  • Multiple Entries Layout: This is the main page where your form entries will be displayed one after the other. For example, if you’re using the Table Layout, then each row would be an entry and each column would be a field from your form.
  • Single Entry Layout: The Single Entry page allows you to show more detailed information about a particular entry. This is useful if you don’t want to display all the fields in your Multiple Entries Layout.
  • Edit Entry Layout: This page allows you to specify which fields are editable from the front end. You can add a link to the Edit Entry page on the Multiple Entries page or the Single Entry page.

Screenshot of the three tabs in the View editor

Now that you know what each of these tabs is for, you can start adding fields to them and configuring your different layouts.

The Multiple Entries Layout

The Multiple Entries Layout is divided into three sections: 

  1. Top Widgets
  2. Entries Fields
  3. Bottom Widgets. 

This is illustrated in the below screenshot:

Screenshot of the View layout sections in the View editor


Fields are the information that you display in your entry. Generally, the fields in your View correspond to the fields in your form. There are a couple of exceptions to this, such as the Custom Content field, which can be used to add custom content, such as HTML and shortcodes, into your entry.

The Entries Fields section will look different on the List View Layout where it contains spaces for a title, subheading, image, and footer.

Note: To find out more about the Custom Content field, read Using the Custom Content Field.


Widgets are tools for navigating your Views, such as Search Bars or Pagination links. They are not specifically related to your form or your entries. There are two sections where you can add widgets to your View - above the entries or below the entries.

Widgets can only be added to the Multiple Entries Layout. The Single Entry Layout and Edit Entry Layout do not support widgets areas, only fields.

Note: To learn more about widgets, read What are View widgets useful for?

If you selected the Table Layout, this is how the Multiple Entries tab will look on the front end of your website:

The Single Entry Layout

If your entries contain a lot of data, you may wish to display the most important fields in the Multiple Entries Layout and display additional information in the Single Entry Layout. 

The Single Entry tab allows you to add fields as you did on the Multiple Entries tab.

Note: After configuring the Single Entry Layout, remember to add a link to the Single Entry in your Multiple Entries configuration.

Screenshot of the Single Entry layout tab showing a note

Read next: Configuring the Edit Entry screen.

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