Using the Custom Content Field

Note: Custom Content fields are not sortable.

The GravityView Custom Content field allows you to add plain text, HTML, shortcodes, or merge tags to your View layouts. To get started with Custom Content, open the View editor and follow the steps below.

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1. Click "Add Field"

The GravityView View editor highlighting the the button that says Add Field

2. Click on the Custom Content Field

The different field options to add to a View

3. Click on the Gear Icon

Clicking on the gear icon will bring up the Custom Content Field Settings. Here you'll see the Custom Content text editor where you can add plain text, HTML, shortcodes (including the [gravityforms] shortcode to embed a form!), or merge tags to your View.

The Custom Content field with an arrow pointing to the Gear icon to open field settings

4. Add Your Content Inside the Text Editor

In this example, we've added the {entry_revision_list} merge tag which is added to GravityView by the Entry Revisions add-on. The merge tag outputs a list of changes made to an entry over time.

Note: For a list of all the merge tags you can add to the Custom Content text editor, click on the button to the right (highlighted in red below).

The Custom Content field text editor containing the Entry Revisions List merge tag

Custom Content Example Output:

As you can see, the merge tag was replaced with a list of revisions made to the entry over time.

A View on the front end showing a list of revisions made to that entry

5. Save or Update your View

The Update button in WordPress

Additional Code Examples

Lots of things are possible with the Custom Content field. Here are some more examples:

The {all_fields} Merge Tag

The {all_fields} merge tag allows you to display the entire submission as shown in the Gravity Forms View Entry screen.

The Single Entry layout on the front end showing the entire form submission

Custom HTML

Here's an example where we're using custom HTML to display a link.

The Custom Content text editor containing an HTML tags...And here's what that looks like. As you can see, the HTML renders on the front end.

The Single Entry on the front end with a heading saying Check Out Our Website and a link underneath that says Sure, Take me there now!

The [gravityforms] Shortcode

Add a [gravityforms] shortcode to your Custom Content field to display a Gravity Form inside your View layout.

A Single Entry on the front end with a Gravity Form embedded inside

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