Attaching an entry export to a notification using GravityExport Lite

GravityExport Lite, our free plugin that can be downloaded directly from the WordPress Plugin Repository, has this fantastic feature that allows you to attach the export of your newly created entry directly into a form notification.

You can select the file type of the export attachment in a CSV or an XLSX format. If you have GravityExport installed, the PDF option also shows up. See the differences between the free and the paid version of GravityExport.

To activate this feature, you must first click Enable Download on the Settings page of your form inside the GravityExport Lite tab:

Screenshot of the form settings page

Once the download is enabled, on the same page, scroll down to the General Settings section to configure the name of the exported file, its extension, and which notification this file will be attached to:

Screenshot of the General Settings sectionOnce that's set up, click on the Save Settings button at the bottom of the page. 

Now, after every form submission, you'll receive a notification containing the entry export attached, like in this example below:

Screenshot of the form notification

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