How Is GravityExport Lite Different From GravityExport?

You may be wondering what the difference is between GravityExport Lite and GravityExport.

GravityExport Lite

  • Export data via a secret download URL
    Enable a single download URL for each form in Gravity Forms and share the link with whoever needs the data. You can export entries without logging in or creating an admin account.
  • Ability to export entries to Excel (or CSV)
    Export your form data as a .xslx file.
  • Attach Single Entry to Notification
    Ability to attach an export file into a form notification. Formats supported: CSV and XLSX.


Includes everything in the Lite version, as well as the following powerful features:

  • GravityExport Filter Sets
    Adds a new Gravity Forms feed type that allows you to set up multiple export URLs that output to different formats and include different fields.
  • GravityExport Save
    Adds a new Gravity Forms feed type that allows you to send form entries to local storage, Dropbox, or your own FTP server. Choose if you want to save single entries in separate files or all entries in one file.
  • Multiple Rows
    Adds the ability to split fields with multiple values into multiple rows. This is useful for List or Multi-Select fields and makes it easier to analyze and process data after exporting.
  • PDF Export
    Export entries to PDF and customize the output by adjusting the orientation, page size, and more.
  • Attach Single Entry to Notification
    Includes PDF support.
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