Creating "Filter Sets" in GravityExport

Note: GravityExport Lite does not support Filter Sets. This feature is only available in the full version.

Filter sets in GravityExport allow you to configure multiple reports for a single form with different file types and fields.

To create a new filter set, hover over your form in Gravity Forms and click on "Settings".

The Settings link underneath a form on the Gravity Forms Forms page

Next, click on the "GravityExport Filters" tab on the left and create a new feed by clicking "Add New".

The GravityExport Filters feed page

Now configure the report by giving it a name, selecting a file type, specifying which fields to include, etc.

GravityExport Filters feed settings

When you're done, scroll down and click "Save Settings". You will now see a download URL for your new report at the top. You can copy the URL by clicking "Copy URL to clipboard" at the bottom right.

An arrow pointing to the report download URL

You can create as many different filter sets as you need.

The GravityExport Filters feed page showing three different reports

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