Changing the File Format of a Report by Adding the File Extension to the URL

To change the file format of a report, all you need to do is add your desired file extension (".pdf", ".csv", or ".xlsx") to the end of the download URL.

Note: This works with any download URL generated by GravityExport.

When creating a new export feed, the plugin will generate a download URL for you. 

The gravityexport lite download URL

You will then need to choose a file extension.

The file extension dropdown menu

However, regardless of the extension you choose, you may change the format of the report by simply adding a different file extension to the end of the URL, like this:

The download URL in the browser bar with '.pdf' added to the endThe report will now download as a PDF document.

The browser download notification showing a downloaded PDF document

This works for any supported file type!

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