Connecting FTP to GravityExport

NoteGravityExport Lite does not support FTP export. This feature is only available in the full version.

GravityExport allows you to save entries to a remote FTP server. Follow these steps to connect GravityExport to FTP.

1. Find Your FTP Details

You should be able to find your FTP login details from inside your hosting account. Copy these details for later.

SFTP host name, username and password displaying inside the Dreamhost admin area

2. Create a New "GravityExport Save" Feed

Log in to your WordPress website, hover over Forms, and click Forms. Next, hover over your form and click Settings. Now click on the tab that says "GravityExport Save" and click Add New to create a new feed.

The GravityExport Save feed page with an arrow pointing to the Add New button3. Configure the FTP Storage Settings

Configure the settings for your report and then scroll down to where it says "Storage Type" and select "FTP Storage".

The Storage Type settings with the FTP option checked

You will now see the FTP Storage Configuration settings appear. Here you need to enter your FTP login details, including the Host Name (Address), Username, and Password.

The FTP Storage settings

When you're finished, click "Save Settings". After a new entry is submitted, a report will be sent to your FTP server.

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