Calendar Blocks

GravityCalendar 2.0 adds two new blocks to WordPress: The "GravityView Calendar Buttons" block and the "GravityView Calendar Link" block. 

You can see all calendar blocks by editing a page/post using the block editor, clicking on the '+' icon to add a new block, and searching for "GravityView Calendar".

three Gravity Forms Calendar block, two of which were added in the release of Calendar version 2

So what do these blocks do?

GravityView Calendar Block

The GravityView Calendar block allows you to display a calendar on a page or post.

GravityView Calendar Buttons

The "GravityView Calendar Buttons" block adds two new buttons to your page layout. One of the buttons allows users to export your calendar feed as an .ics file and the other button allows users to copy the calendar feed URL. Requires Gravity Forms Calendar 2.0 or later.

Gravity Forms Calendar buttons

  1. Allows you to export an event configuration file that you can import into existing calendar applications to display events in the Gravity Forms Calendar at the time of export. 
  2. Clicking on this button allows you to copy the calendar feed URL to your clipboard. The calendar feed URL is a live-updating link that displays information about your calendar events in real-time.

GravityView Calendar Link

The “GravityView Calendar Link” block adds a link that allows users to subscribe to your calendar feed in Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. Requires Gravity Forms Calendar 2.0 or later.

The Gravity Forms Calendar Subscribe link

Both the "GravityView Calendar Buttons" block and the "GravityView Calendar Link" block have a setting called "Link Type" with two options: Subscribe or Download. Learn more about the difference between subscribing to a calendar and downloading events.

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