Calendar: The Difference Between Subscribing and Downloading Events

The Calendar Link and Calendar Button blocks have a setting called "Link Type". The options are Subscribe and Download. What does this mean?

The Link Type option for the new calendar blocks, showing two options: Subscribe or Download“Subscribe” Link Type

When new entries are submitted to the form associated with your GravityCalendar feed, these entries/events will appear in your calendar application (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, for example). This is an excellent way to track updated events, like a school calendar, a business team schedule, or a public event calendar.

“Download” Link Type

When you import a .ics file, you get a snapshot of the events in the calendar at the time of import. Your calendar doesn’t refresh the imported events automatically — even if new entries are added to the form attached to the GravityView Calendar. This is an excellent way to add events that aren't going to change to your existing calendar, like tide tables, or phases of the moon.

Feature Subscribe Download
Includes existing events
Updates when new events are added 🚫
Downloads a file 🚫
Works with Apple Calendar
Works with Google Calendar
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