Connecting Dropbox to GravityExport

Note: GravityExport Lite does not support Dropbox export. This feature is only available in the full version of GravityExport.

In GravityExport 1.1 we made it easier and more secure to link your Dropbox account with GravityExport. To connect your Dropbox account, follow the steps below:

Hover over "GravityKit" and click "Settings". Next, click on "GravityExport" and then "Connect to Dropbox". You'll now be taken to Dropbox to complete the connection. 

a button that says 'Connect to Dropbox' in the GravityExport settings

Dropbox will display a notice asking if you're sure you want to proceed. Click "Continue".

A Dropbox notice asking if you're sure you want to continue with the connectionTo finalize the connection, click "Allow".

A final notice from Dropbox to complete the connectionThat's it! You can now send Gravity Forms submission data to your Dropbox using GravityExport.

a success message in GravityKit that says 'Dropbox is successfully connected'You can revoke the connection at any time by clicking "Revoke Dropbox connection" in the GravityExport settings.

A button that says 'Revoke Dropbox connection' in the GravityExport settings

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