Exporting List fields as JSON

By default, when exporting List fields, Gravity Forms creates a column in the CSV for each of the responses. This can make for a very long and complicated CSV. So we added a new way to export and import List fields: as JSON. JSON is a data format that is easy to use and compact, which makes it much better to import.

To export entries in Gravity Forms, in the Forms menu, click the Import/Export submenu, then click the Export Entries link. Then select the form you want to export.

When exporting to import, select "Export as JSON" fields instead of the default List fields

When a form contains List fields, there will be additional options at the bottom of the "Select Fields" list of checkboxes.

For each List field, there will be an additional checkbox item at the bottom of the list, with "(Export as JSON)" added to the end of the field label. 

If you are exporting entries to import using the Entry Importer plugin, select the "Export as JSON" fields instead of the original List fields. This will make the importing process simpler.

Screenshot showing the "Select Fields" section of the Export Entries screen in Gravity Forms.

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