How to manually trigger a GravityExport Save Feed

You can manually trigger a GravityExport Save feed by calling a public URL. If you want to trigger the feed to run on a schedule, you can do so using a cron job (more on this below).

When creating a new "GravityExport Save" feed, select the "Manual trigger" option under "Export trigger". After saving the feed, a public trigger URL will be generated. Click on the button to copy this URL to your clipboard.

The public trigger URL in the GravityExport Save feed settings

Scheduling exports

If you want to schedule exports to run at certain times, you'll need to call the generated public trigger URL using a cron service. This will ensure that your Save feed is executed at defined time intervals.

If your website receives a decent amount of traffic, we recommend using the free WP Crontrol plugin. This allows you to manage cron schedules through your WordPress website. However, it's important to note that running cron through WordPress is not always reliable.

Alternatively, you'll need to use a separate cron service. If your hosting provider does not support this, check out this list of free and paid cron services.

For more information about cron jobs, see this comprehensive tutorial for beginners.

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