How does GravityMigrate handle nested forms?

GravityMigrate supports the Nested Forms perk by Gravity Wiz. Nested Forms allows you to add forms within forms for more complex data management. Essentially, this allows you to collect "child" entries that are attached to "parent" entries upon submission.

In GravityMigrate, forms that include nested forms will have a notice next to them describing the connected forms (see below screenshot). So, when you select a parent form for exporting, GravityMigrate will also export the nested (child) form.

In the example below, we have a parent form called "Soccer teams" with a child form called "Star Players".

Checkboxes in GravityMigrate showing that when a parent form is selected, so is its child

Exporting a parent form without it's attached child form(s) is currently not possible.

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