GravityExport FAQ

Q: Which version is free and which version is paid?

A: GravityExport Lite is free and can be installed from the WordPress Plugins repository:

GravityExport is a paid add-on from GravityKit:

Q: Is GravityExport Lite required for GravityExport?

A: Yes, GravityExport currently requires Lite to be installed and activated. If it's not, you will be shown messages guiding you to install and activate GravityExport Lite.

Q: Do downloads from GravityExport Filters links count toward the "Download count" value?

A: Yes, when you download an export file using URLs generated by the GravityExport Filters feeds, it will increment the download counter.

Q: Why aren’t Merge Tags working for my "Custom Filename" setting in the GravityExport Save feed?

A: Most likely, you have configured the feed to be "All Entries". In "All Entries", limited Merge Tags are available. No Merge Tags related to values from a single entry are enabled.

Q: Does GravityExport also export files uploaded via File Upload fields?

A: Yes! When configuring a "save" feed in GravityExport with the single entry option, file upload fields can only be included in the export to a Dropbox, or FTP server. Read more about it.

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