Migrating GravityKit demos to your own website

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The GravityKit demo showcase includes several powerful demo applications that we created to showcase the functionality and flexibility of our add-ons. Many of these demos are full-fledged web apps built using GravityView.

GravityKit's demo showcase

If you're looking to build a similar front-end interface, you can get a head start by migrating one of our demos over to your own website! Fortunately, this is now possible using our new add-on, GravityMigrate.

The migration process is very simple:

  • Download the export file for the demo you want to use
  • Install GravityMigrate on your own website
  • Import the file to your website using GravityMigrate's import feature

Download the export file for the demo you want to use

Head over to our demo site, click "Take GravityKit for a Spin" and enter your email address to create your own free demo website. Once you're logged in to your new site, select the demo you want to use and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You should see a notice with a download link, similar to the one below:

A notice that reads

When you click "Download Now", a ZIP file will be downloaded to your computer. This is a file generated by GravityMigrate containing all the relevant data for the demo on that page (forms, entries, Views, etc).

Install GravityMigrate on your own website

The export file that you downloaded in the previous step can only be imported using GravityMigrate, so you'll need to install GravityMigrate on your own website.

GravityMigrate is currently in beta and only available to All Access license holders. If you have an All Access license, you can install and activate GravityMigrate by going to "GravityKit" > "Manage Your Kit" in WordPress.

The 'Install Now' button for GravityMigrate

Import the demo to your own site

The final step is to use GravityMigrate's import feature to import the demo to your website.

Simply hover over "GravityKit" and click "GravityMigrate". Next, upload the ZIP file you downloaded in step one. GravityMigrate will process the file and ask you which data you want to import. Select everything, and click "Import".

The import settings in GravityMigrate

That's it! Once the import has finished, you'll be able to use the demo on your own website. For the best results, ensure you follow our best practices when performing a migration.

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