Best practices to follow when moving data using GravityMigrate

GravityMigrate makes a complex process—the exporting and importing of Gravity Forms data—extremely simple. While we've built GravityMigrate to ensure compatibility with a range of website configurations and data types, following the below "best practices" will help ensure a smooth migration, and reduce the chance of error.

  • Ensure that you're running Gravity Forms 2.5 or later: GravityMigrate requires at least Gravity Forms 2.5 and is not compatible with earlier versions.
  • Ensure you’re running the latest version of GravityMigrate on both your old and new website: Keeping GravityMigrate up to date will ensure that you benefit from the latest fixes and improvements to the plugin.
  • Ensure you have the required plugins installed and activated on your new site: For example, if you're migrating Views, you should ensure that GravityView is installed and activated on your new site.
  • Ensure you’re running the same plugin versions on each site: While not critical, making sure your old and new websites are running similar plugin versions will help reduce the likelihood of issues arising during migration.
  • Ensure that your import file was generated by GravityMigrate: When importing data to your new site, ensure that the file you're importing is a ZIP file and that it was generated by the GravityMigrate plugin. Other file types and formats are not supported! If you're trying to import a CSV of entries exported directly from Gravity Forms, you'll need to use GravityImport.
  • Double and triple check your data before running the import: Once an import has finished, it cannot be undone or reversed, that's why it's important to check you have the right data before importing.
  • Don't exit the page while the import process is running: Depending on the amount of data you're attempting to migrate, the import process could take several seconds to complete. It's important that you don't exit the page during this process. If the process has been running for an excessive amount of time, contact our support team.
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