Getting started with PDF for GravityView

PDF for GravityView is an extension that allows you to export PDFs of your Single Entry layouts. You can also share PDFs over email. This powerful extension was developed by Gravity PDF, another Gravity Forms Certified Developer. However, we have established a licensing agreement allowing us to resell this extension directly to our own customers.

This article will explain how to install and get started with PDF for GravityView, how our licensing agreement with Gravity PDF works, and how you can access more in-depth documentation for the plugin.

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  • Gravity PDF (will be installed automatically when installing PDF for GravityView)
  • GravityView 2.16 or later

Licensing agreement with Gravity PDF

GravityKit is now authorized to market, sell, and support the powerful “PDF for GravityView” plugin developed by fellow Gravity Forms Certified Developer, Gravity PDF.

It's important to note that the PDF for GravityView extension was developed by Gravity PDF and remains the sole property of Blue Liquid Designs (Gravity PDF's parent company).

"I'm excited to announce a licensing agreement between Gravity PDF and GravityKit for the non-exclusive distribution of the PDF for GravityView extension through GravityKit is now authorized to market, sell, distribute, and support PDF for GravityView directly on their website, just like any other first-party software they offer.”

—Jake Jackson, Founder of Gravity PDF

Learn more about this partnership on our website. If you have additional queries or concerns, see the FAQ section at the end of this article.

Installing and managing PDF for GravityView

Note: This only applies to users who bought their plugin license through If you bought your license via Gravity PDF, please follow their installation instructions, here.

After purchasing the plugin, log in to your GravityKit Account, click on the tab at the top that says "Your Licenses" and copy the PDF for GravityView license key.

Next, log in to your WordPress site, hover over "GravityKit" in the left-hand menu and click "Manage Your Kit". Now scroll down to "PDF for GravityView" under "Third Party", click "I have a license" and enter it into the box. After entering your license key, click "Activate ".

The PDF for GravityView plugin preview in GravityKit

If you don't see PDF for GravityView here, update GravityView to the latest version and refresh the page.

View editor fields

After installing PDF for GravityView and activating your license, you will see two new fields in the View editor.

Two fields in the View editor added by PDF for GravityView: 1) Link to Single Entry PDF; 2) Share Single Entry PDF

  1. Link to Single Entry PDF: Outputs a link to the PDF of the Single Entry (there are various field settings that allow you to alter the link text, force download, and more).
  2. Share Single Entry PDF: Outputs an email input field, allowing you to send the Single Entry PDF as an email attachment to any address you choose (there are various options to be configured here in the field settings). Note that this field is only available for the Single Entry Layout.

After adding and configuring the fields, scroll down to the View Settings and click on the "Single Entry PDF" tab. Here you'll find a range of options for customizing the generated PDF files.

The Single Entry PDF settings in tab in the GravityView View settings

You can adjust the fonts, colors and page settings, add a custom header, footer and background image, and more.

Additional documentation

Detailed documentation, covering all aspects of the plugin, is available on the Gravity PDF site. Here are direct links to sections you may find helpful:

For developers:


Q: Is GravityKit the developer of this extension?

A: No; we are authorized resellers. PDF for GravityView is developed by Gravity PDF, another Gravity Forms Certified Developer. We are excited to offer this powerful extension by Gravity PDF on our website!

Q: If I require support, should I contact GravityKit or Gravity PDF?

A: If you bought your license from us (GravityKit), you should contact our support. If you bought your license directly from Gravity PDF, you should contact their support team.

Q: Doesn't the free Gravity PDF plugin already support GravityView?

A: It’s true that Gravity PDF provides basic integration with GravityView. However, the PDF isn’t “View” aware. Without PDF for GravityView it's very difficult to replicate the layout and logic used in a View without needing to manually create a custom PDF template. With this extension this is automatic, and you configure everything in the View Editor.

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