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  • The {entry_count} Merge Tag in Math by GravityView

    When creating Gravity Forms calculations with the GravityMath add-on, it's often important to know how many total entries are used in the calculation. Use the {entry_count} Merge Tag inside a

  • Duplicating a Gravity Forms entry from the frontend of your site

    Administrators can duplicate an entry from the front end of your website with GravityView by adding the Duplicate Entry field to your View. To duplicate an entry, first add the "Duplicate Entry"

  • How to Import Entries into Gravity Forms

    GravityImport is the best way to import data into Gravity Forms from a CSV. We’re the only Gravity Forms Certified Add-On for importing entries from CSV. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to

  • Enable Auto-Update (DataTables Setting)

    The "Enable Auto-Update" setting controls whether DataTables refreshes its data automatically on a schedule. The uses for this are limitless: display new donations on a live donation leaderboard,

  • Pointing the [gv_entry_link] to a specific page

    When embedding a View into a page (or post) of the site, the [gv_entry_link] will, by default, generate a link to the View custom post type (/view/), instead of linking to the page it was embedded.

  • WPML and GravityView

    If you want to have a View that is available in multiple languages, here's how to do it using the popular translation plugin WPML. Floaty has a View that he wants to translate It's an international

  • Reasons for the "You are not allowed to view this content." message

    GravityView has many levels of security in place to make sure that your content is visible only when you want it to be. If you see the notification "You are not allowed to view this content.", there

  • Getting started with GravityExport

    This article will explain how to get started using GravityExport. Prefer to watch the video? 1. Download and install GravityExport Lite The full version of GravityExport requires you to have the Lite

  • How to disable the Support Port from loading

    The "Support Port" On GravityView screens in the Dashboard, we show the Support Port. It's a little bubble that allows you to quickly search our support docs and also submit support requests. The

  • Setting up sharing buttons with JetPack

    Go to the Plugins page and click the Add New button, and type "Jetpack" on the search. Click the Install Now button. Enable Jetpack's "Sharing" module In the menu bar, you will see a new menu for

  • Adding custom CSS to your website

    New! GravityView 2.19 introduced an easier way to add custom CSS to specific Views on your website by using the View Settings box > Custom Code tab inside the View Editor: If you want to modify how

  • Installing GravityView

    This article will walk you through how to install the GravityView plugin. Prefer to watch the video? 1. Download the Latest Version of GravityView Log in to your GravityKit Account, and click on the

  • Configuring Delete Entry

    When editing a View, go to the Settings box and click on "Delete Entry". Check the "Allow User Delete" checkbox This will add a "Delete" button next to the "Update" and "Cancel" buttons in the Edit

  • Import CSV to Gravity Forms with Import Entries 2.0

    Import Entries 2.0 is hands-down the best and most powerful way to import a CSV into Gravity Forms. Version 2.0 of Import Entries is rewritten from the ground up for reliability and ease of use.

  • DataTables PDF Export - How to include a company logo

    Adding a company logo to the top of a PDF generated by DataTables is a nice way to make the export looks more professional. With the code snippet below and the assistance of an online tool that

  • Restricting View Content to be Members-Only

    For a full video course on using the Redirection plugin to protect Views in GravityView, check out our free course on Gravity Guide. Restricting your Views can be helpful if you run a membership site

  • DataTables Data Processing Mode (AJAX or Preloaded)

    AJAX ("server-side") processing calls the website every time there is a change in search, sorting, or paging. Preloaded ("client-side") processing pulls in all of the data during the initial load.

  • Getting Started: Adding Fields to the Multiple Entries and Single Entry Pages

    Prefer to watch the video? Once you’ve selected a View Layout, you will see the View Configuration panel appear. At the top, there are three tabs corresponding to the different layouts that make up a

  • Getting Started With GravityCharts

    In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started with the GravityCharts add-on for Gravity Forms. Prefer to Watch the Video? Install GravityCharts Start by installing GravityCharts on your website.

  • The {get} Merge Tag

    The {get} Merge Tag allows you to capture or display information from a URL parameter. Example URL: The {get} Merge Tag can be used inside

  • Configuring the Edit Entry screen

    The Edit Entry screen on the front end of your website is where either the Entry Creator or an Administrator can edit fields related to a specific entry in Gravity Forms. Fields you add to the Edit

  • Pre-filtering results on a View

    There are two ways possible to pre-filter your View results: 1. By using the `search_field` and `search_value` parameters from the [gravityview] shortcode Pros: Ability to change the value used to

  • GDPR and GravityView

    Note: This post does not constitute legal advice. What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union regulation designed to protect private Personally Identifiable

  • Renamed Filters & Methods in 2.14

    In GravityView 2.14, we renamed all instances of blacklist to blocklist and whitelist to allowlist. All methods and filters have been deprecated using apply_filters_deprecated() and

  • Reserved URL query parameters

    GravityView uses URL query parameters to control how entries are displayed, filtered and otherwise manipulated. For example, gv_search=cats&mode=any is added to the URL query string when searching

  • How to embed a View inside another View

    GravityView version 2.19 introduced an easy way to embed Views inside the Single Entry layouts of a View by using a new "GravityView View" field in the View editor: Once the field is added, you can

  • Forcing numbers to sort properly

    Let's say you have a drop-down field on your form with choices ranging from 1 to 10 or greater. And you try to sort your View by this field: GravityView can't sort text-based fields as if they were

  • (Advanced) What changed from 1.x to 2.0?

    Note: This article is for developers. Hooks into a different GravityView filter We had been filtering entries using the (deprecated) gravityview_search_criteria filter. Now we are using the

  • Calendar Blocks

    GravityCalendar 2.0 adds two new blocks to WordPress: The "GravityCalendar Buttons" block and the "GravityCalendar Link" block. You can see all calendar blocks by editing a page/post using the block

  • Reserved URL Slugs

    What to do if you see this warning: You should rename your page's URL Slug to avoid using reserved keywords as your URLs. (Learn what terms are reserved below!) How to update the URL Slug You can

  • How to add a PDF download link to your View using GravityPDF

    If you are using GravityPDF to generate PDF files for new form submissions, then you can easily add a link to your View allowing users to download each entry as a PDF. Watch the Video Tutorial

  • DataTables PDF Export - How to display images

    By default, DataTables does not include images on a PDF export. With the help of the code snippet below, you'll be able to display images on your PDFs. This code has been minified to make it easy to

  • Modifying event colors

    Note: This document is intended for developers familiar with PHP. If you have a question, please ask support. In 1.3.1, GravityCalendar added the gravityview/calendar/events filter to modify the

  • Displaying incomplete or partial entries

    GravityView does not support displaying form submissions that have been saved using Gravity Forms' built-in "Save and Continue" functionality. GravityView does support displaying partial entries

  • What Are Form Presets?

    When selecting a data source for your new View, you have two options: select an existing form in Gravity Forms or choose a ‘form preset’. Form presets are form templates that allow you to create a