Duplicating a Gravity Forms entry from the frontend of your site

Administrators can duplicate an entry from the front end of your website with GravityView by adding the Duplicate Entry field to your View.

To duplicate an entry, first add the "Duplicate Entry" field to your View:

1. Create or edit a View, click a tab to the View layout tabs

You can add the field to the Multiple Entries Layout tab, the Single Entry Layout tab, or both depending on where you want the link to appear.

2. Click the "Add Field" or "Add Table Column" button

Clicking the Add Field button for a Single Entry View

2. Type "Duplicate" to search available fields, or scroll through the field list and select the "Duplicate Entry" field:

Choosing the Duplicate Entry field to add to the Single Entry View

 3. Save or Update your View

Clicking the Update button to save an existing View after editing

You'll now see the Duplicate Entry link among the fields in your View:

A Single Entry View showing the newly added Duplicate Entry link4. To duplicate an entry, click the Duplicate Entry link

Clicking on the Duplicate Entry link to copy an entry

6. Confirm you want to make a copy of the entry

Once you confirm, you'll see the entry has been duplicated:

The View after successfully duplicating an entry

Allowing users to duplicate their entries

By default, duplicating entries is only available to Administrators. If you want to extend this ability to non-administrators, edit the View settings:

Edit the View and scroll down to the Settings box. Click on the tab labeled Permissions.

Check the checkbox labeled "Allow User Duplicate".

The Allow User Duplicate permission which allows logged in users to duplicate entries they created

 3. Save or Update your View

Clicking the Update button to save an existing View after editing

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