What Are Form Presets?

When selecting a data source for your new View, you have two options: select an existing form in Gravity Forms or choose a ‘form preset’.

choosing a data source in GravityView

Form presets are form templates that allow you to create a new View without an existing form in Gravity Forms. After selecting a form preset, GravityView will pre-populate the View editor with fields corresponding to the preset you selected. Once you click “publish”, a new form will automatically be created for you in Gravity Forms containing all the relevant fields.

The recommended workflow is always to build your form first and then use GravityView to display your existing form entries. However, form presets can give you a head start if you need a helping hand. They are also helpful for creating demo applications or testing out certain features. 

Available Form Presets

When you create a new View there are nine form presets available to choose from. Each of them correspond to common applications built using GravityView:

Available form presets

  • Business Listings
    Perfect for business directories.
  • Business Data
    Handy if you’re building a database/catalog of businesses.
  • People Profiles
    This preset is helpful for building a member directory.
  • Staff Profiles
    Similar to the “People Profiles” preset, except it’s made for company staff rather than members of the public.
  • Website Showcase
    Show off websites for a design competition or display submitted photographs.
  • Issue Tracker
    Create a bug tracker system that allows you to manage issues and update their statuses.
  • Resume Board
    Create a resume board that allows job seekers to submit their resume for display in a searchable directory.
  • Job Board
    This template includes all the fields you need to create a simple job board.
  • Event Listings
    Showcase upcoming events in a list layout.

As you can see, each form preset is tailor-made for a specific use-case, though they are easily editable.

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