Modifying event colors

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In 1.3.1, GravityCalendar added the gravityview/calendar/events filter to modify the events array passed to FullCalendar.

Using this filter, you can loop through each event and modify its properties. You can add any properties that are available on the FullCalendar Event Object.

Changing event colors based on their type

In the example below, we'll change the color of the events based on their type. Type is a dropdown field we added to our form:

Screenshot of the form editor highlighting a dropdown field with 3 choices

Example code

 * Modify event array that is output to FullCalendar
 * In this sample code, we add a background color to a specific event
 * @param array  $events    Array of events.
 * @param object $form      Calendar form.
 * @param object $feed      Calendar feed.
 * @param array  $field_map Array of feed fields mapped to calendar settings (e.g., start_time, end_time).
 * @param array  $entries   Array of entries being displayed in the calendar (Requires 1.5.2)
 * @return array $events Modified events
add_filter( 'gravityview/calendar/events', function ( $events, $form, $feed, $field_map = array(), $entries = array() ) {

	if ( empty( $events ) || empty( $entries ) || $form['id'] !== 9 ) { // Replace 9 with your Form ID
		return $events;
	$event_ids = wp_list_pluck( $events, 'event_id' );
	foreach ( $entries as $entry ) {		
		$event_key = array_search( $entry['id'], $event_ids );
		if ( false === $event_key ) {

		switch ($entry[5]) { // Replace 5 with the ID of your field
			case 'event':
				$events[ $event_key ]['backgroundColor'] = 'red';
				$events[ $event_key ]['borderColor']     = 'red';
				$events[ $event_key ]['textColor']       = 'black';
			case 'appointment':
				$events[ $event_key ]['backgroundColor'] = 'blue';
				$events[ $event_key ]['borderColor']     = 'blue';
				$events[ $event_key ]['textColor']       = 'white';
			case 'reminder':
				$events[ $event_key ]['backgroundColor'] = 'yellow';
				$events[ $event_key ]['borderColor']     = 'yellow';
				$events[ $event_key ]['textColor']       = 'black';
				$events[ $event_key ]['backgroundColor'] = 'yellow';
				$events[ $event_key ]['borderColor']     = 'blue';
				$events[ $event_key ]['textColor']       = 'yellow';
	return $events;
}, 10, 5 );

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The final Calendar with different event colors

Screenshot of a Calendar showing various event types with different colors

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