How to disable the Support Port from loading

The Support Port lives in the bottom-right corner of the page (bottom-left on RTL sites) The "Support Port"

On GravityView screens in the Dashboard, we show the Support Port. It's a little bubble that allows you to quickly search our support docs and also submit support requests.

The Support Port works by including JavaScript on the page. The JavaScript is hosted from your site, but it makes requests to our support desk provider, Help Scout. Those requests include some basic information about the website as well as the current GravityView license. This helps us provide better support.

If you are interested in disabling the Support Port, there are three ways:

1. Disable site-wide for all users with a setting

You can set the GravityView setting for "Show Support Port?" setting to "Hide". This will prevent the script from being loaded for all users.

GravityView settings, with arrow pointing to the Support Port Show/Hide setting

  1. Go to the GravityView Settings screen (click Views in the sidebar, then click Settings sub-menu)
  2. Select "Hide" under the setting "Show Support Port?"
  3. Click the Update Settings button to save the settings

2. Disable for each user

On each user's profile page in WordPress, there is a setting for GravityView Support Port. Uncheck the box and save the settings to hide the Support Port for that user.

GravityView Support Port setting in the WordPress User Profile screen

  1. Click on the Users menu in the sidebar
  2. To edit your own setting, click on Your Profile submenu. Otherwise, click on the user to edit.
  3. Uncheck the box next to GravityView Support Port
  4. Click the Update Profile button to save the settings

3. Disable site-wide for all users by adding code to your site:

Add this code to your functions.php file ( here's how):

add_filter( 'gravityview/support_port/display', '__return_false' );
add_filter( 'gravityview/support_port/show_profile_setting', '__return_false' ); // Don't show Support Port option in Profile page

This will prevent the script from being loaded for all users.

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