Configuring Delete Entry

When editing a View, go to the Settings box and click on "Delete Entry".

Permissions tab in a View's Settings box

Check the "Allow User Delete" checkbox

This will add a "Delete" button next to the "Update" and "Cancel" buttons in the Edit Entry screen.

Note: even if this is unchecked, administrators will still be able to delete entries in the Edit Entry screen. See the screenshots below.

An arrow pointing to a checkbox labeled Allow User Delete

With Delete Entry enabled

Note: the button styles will depend on your theme.

Three buttons that say Update, Cancel and Delete respectively

Without Delete Entry enabled

Note: the button styles will depend on your theme.

Two buttons that says Update and Cancel respectively

You can add Delete Entry links in Multiple Entry Layout or Single Entry Layout as well

Allow users to delete an entry from any screen.

Click "Add Field" or "Add Table Column" to add the new Delete Entry field

An arrow pointing to the Add table Column button in the View editor

Type "Delete" to search fields, or scroll down. Click Delete Entry to add the link to your layout

An arrow pointing to the Delete Entry field

Click the gear icon to configure the settings

ℹ️ You can also double-click anywhere on the field to open field settings!

An arrow pointing to the gear icon next to the Delete Entry field in the View editor

Configure the Delete Entry field settings

  1. Change the link text (default: Delete Entry)
  2. Change who can view the link - by default, the Entry Creator can view the link if "Allow User Delete" is enabled. You can change this so only users with more permissions can view the Delete Entry link.
  3. Whether to display a label for this field. In Table and DataTables layouts, the label is the column header text.
  4. Change the label of the field (Default: Delete Entry)
  5. Field Conditional Logic to show/hide the field based on other field values in the entry. Added by the Advanced Filtering extension
  6. Add custom CSS class to the field container (optional)

Delete Entry field settings with numbers placed over each of the settings

Click Update to save your View

The Update button

The Delete Entry link should now be visible in your View!

A link inside a Table view that says Delete Entry

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