Field Conditional Logic

Field Conditional Logic requires the Advanced Filter extension to be installed on your website.

This functionality is more accessible than using the [gvlogic] shortcode because it doesn't require any previous knowledge of the shortcode parameters; it's as simple as specifying the conditions for each field on the View editor.

Field Conditional Logic supports relative dates for date comparison!

How to use it

In this View, the cat named "Charlie" doesn't have a photo:

Screenshot of a View showing 4 entries, 3 of them have photos of cats except one

We'll now use Field Conditional Logic on the Cat Photo field to display a placeholder image when no photos are present:

Screenshot of the View editor showing two fields added to the Entries Fields section

Once the field configuration panel shows up, we specify the condition only to display the field if it's not empty. If it's empty, we'll display the placeholder image instead:

Screenshot of the field settings

Screenshot of the field settings modal highlighting the field conditional logic section

And here's our View now with a placeholder image for the cat named Charlie:

Screenshot of the View showing 4 entries, 3 of them have photos of cats, one of them has a placeholder image

This functionality works for all field types, including Custom Content fields. You can also combine multiple clauses using our AND and OR operators:

Screenshot of the Conditional Logic section from the field configuration panel

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