Displaying incomplete or partial entries

GravityView does not support displaying form submissions that have been saved using Gravity Forms' built-in "Save and Continue" functionality. 

GravityView does support displaying partial entries created using the  Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On.

Why does GravityView support Partial Entries but not Save and Continue?

The Partial Entries Add-On stores its data like standard Gravity Forms entries, making the entries and the values available to GravityView.

"Save and Continue" form values are stored differently by Gravity Forms (a different database table and structure), so we don't have access to them. The values are also stored differently; even if we did add access to those "Save and Continue" submissions, they wouldn't be properly searchable.

How to display "incomplete" entries only

You'll need to use the  Advanced Filter extension for that. Then it's just a matter of going to the View Settings panel (inside the View editor page) and set that up:

With the filters, you can specify if the "Progress" - is - "Complete" or - is not - "Complete.

More about the Partial Entries add-on: Partial Entries Settings Reference

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