Getting Started With GravityExport

This article will explain how to get started using GravityExport.

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1. Download and Install GravityExport Lite

The full version of GravityExport requires you to have the Lite version installed. To install GravityExport Lite, head to the plugin page on, click “download” and upload the ZIP file to your WordPress website.

The GravityExport Lite plugin page on

Alternatively, you can install the plugin from inside your WordPress admin. To do this, navigate to the Plugins page and click Add New. Next, search for “GravityExport” and click Install Now.

The GravityExport Lite plugin preview inside the WordPress Plugins page

After GravityExport has finished installing, ensure you activate it by clicking Activate.

2. Download and Install GravityExport

After installing GravityExport Lite, you’ll need to install GravityExport. To do this, log in to your GravityView account page and click on the Downloads tab at the top.

The Downloads tab on the GravityView Account page

Next, scroll down to GravityExport and click the Download Plugin button to download the ZIP file to your computer.

The Download Plugin button next to GravityExport inside the GravityView Account page

Next, head back to your WordPress admin and install the plugin on your site.

3. Activate Your License

After installing both GravityExport Lite and the full version of GravityExport, you’ll need to activate your license. This is required for access to updates and support. For guidance on activating your GravityExport license, read this article.

4. Enable the Download URL

To start making use of GravityExport’s advanced functionality, you’ll need to enable the download URL. To do this, hover over Forms in your WordPress admin menu and click on Forms. Next, hover over your form and click on Settings. Select the GravityExport Lite tab on the left and click Enable Download.

The Enable Download button on the GravityExport Lite Feed page in Gravity Forms

5. Set Up a Custom Export

You can now start enjoying the advanced functionality that comes with GravityExport.

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