Enable Auto-Update (DataTables Setting)

The "Enable Auto-Update" setting controls whether DataTables refreshes its data automatically on a schedule.

The uses for this are limitless: display new donations on a live donation leaderboard, show new contest entries, and use it as a live-updating business dashboard.

How to enable auto-updating

Auto-updating requires the DataTables Layout. Read how to install and activate the DataTables layout for a View.

Edit your View using the DataTables layout and scroll down to the "Settings" area. Click the "DataTables" tab.

Check the box next to the label "Enable Auto-Update".

When you do, another setting will appear named "Auto-Update Interval (In Minutes)". The default value is 5, which means that every five minutes, the View will reload its contents based on the current filter and search parameters. 

Auto-Update considerations

Will the refreshed data remove any filters?

No, auto-update refreshes will maintain any View filters and active searches.

Responsive rows will be closed when data is refreshed

If the View has Responsive mode enabled, any table rows that are currently expanded will be closed when the data is updated.

This setting has the potential to increase server load

This will not affect most sites! But it's something to consider: if Auto-Update is enabled on a View that gets lots of web traffic, it can increase server load. Instead of one request per user per page load, it would be one request every five minutes. On a busy site, the Auto-Update feature could increase site requests by hundreds per day.

If this is a concern, to reduce the server load, increase the "Auto-Update Interval" setting.

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