Getting Started With the DataTables Layout

In this article, we’ll show you how to get set up with the DataTables Layout.

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Installing the DataTables Layout

You can install the DataTables Layout from inside WordPress. Simply hover over  Views, click Manage Add-Ons, scroll down to “DataTables” and click Install.

the Install button for the DataTables layout on the GravityView Manage Add-Ons page in WordPress

You can now start creating Views using the DataTables Layout!

Creating a View Using the DataTables Layout

Hover over  Views and click New View. Next, give your View a name and select a data source. Now, under “Choose a View Type”, select “DataTables Table”. 

Choosing a View Type when creating a new View in GravityView

You can now begin adding fields to your View using the drag-and-drop View editor.

The DataTables settings panel in GravityViewAfter configuring your View, scroll down to the View Settings and click on the DataTables tab. There you'll find a range of options for customizing your table on the front end, including the ability to enable Auto-Update and add buttons for exporting data.

That's it!

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