Pre-filtering results on a View

There are two ways possible to pre-filter your View results:

1. By using the `search_field` and `search_value` parameters from the [gravityview] shortcode

Pros: Ability to change the value used to filter results just by changing the search_value parameter. This way, you will need to create only one View configuration without filters that you can embed on multiple pages, using different filters.

Cons: You can only filter by one value at a time. To filter by multiple values, you will need to use the Advanced Filter extension (see below).

To learn more about how to pre-filter results using these two parameters ( search_field and search_value), check out this article:
Using the [gravityview] Shortcode

Here's an advanced tip: if you want to programmatically change the search_value parameter based on the page the View is embedded on using a variable, you can call the [gravityview] shortcode directly on the PHP template of your page.


echo do_shortcode('[gravityview id="12" search_field="3" search_value="'.$value.'"]');

The PHP method explained above doesn't work with DataTables layouts.

2. By using the Advanced Filters extension 

If you have our Advanced Filter extension installed, you'll see this new section on your View Settings metabox:
Screenshot of Advanced Filter extension filters filtering by logged-in status and the first name of a field.You can configure multiple filters to specify precisely the entries you want to be displayed.

Pro: You can specify several different rules to narrow down your results.

Cons: The rules will  apply  to the entire View, so if you need to filter by different conditions, you'll need to create other Views for each purpose.

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