Merge Tags

GravityView can use all Merge Tags available in Gravity Forms, and also offers additional Merge Tags.

Merge Tags can be used in many ways:

Merge Tags added by GravityView

GravityView adds these Merge Tags:

  • {date_created} The date an entry was created. Read how to use it here.
  • {date_updated} The date an entry was last updated. It supports the same formatting options as {date_created}.
  • {get} Show data from the URL of a web page. Learn more.
  • {created_by} Display information about the user who created the entry. Learn more.
  • {approval_status} Display the approval status of an entry ("Approved", "Disapproved", or "Unapproved")
  • {current_post} Display information about the current Post, Page, View, or another post type. Learn more.
  • {sequence} Display the Number Sequence value for the current entry. It will only work in field values. It will not work in View widgets or outside a View (such as Gravity Forms email notifications). Learn more.
  • {gv_entry_link:[post id]:[action]} Links to the current entry. For example: {gv_entry_link:123:edit} Links to Edit Entry for a single entry. 123 refers to either the View ID or the ID of the page where the View is embedded.
    • [post id] is the View ID—or the post or page where the View is embedded. If this Merge Tag is used in a View, the default value will be automatically calculated.
    • [action] the action to be performed. View Details (view), Edit Entry (edit), or Delete Entry (delete). Default: view.
  • {site_url} Returns the current site URL. This can be helpful when migrating sites or deploying from staging.


Pricing Merge Tags

These Merge Tags are only relevant when a payment has been processed.

  • {payment_date} The date the payment was received. Formatted using the same modifiers as {date_created}
  • {payment_status} The current payment status of the entry (ie "Processing", "Failed", "Cancelled", "Approved", etc.)
  • {payment_method} displays Payment Method value
  • {payment_amount} displays the payment amount formatted as a currency. Use {payment_amount:raw} to display an unformatted number, useful in combination with the [gvlogic] shortcode.
  • {is_fulfilled} Whether the order has been fulfilled. Displays "Not Fulfilled" or "Fulfilled"
  • {transaction_type} Indicates the transaction type of the entry/order. "Single Payment" or "Subscription"
  • {transaction_id} The ID of the transaction returned by the payment gateway
  • {currency} The currency with which the entry was submitted (ie "USD", "EUR")
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