The {user} and {created_by} Merge Tag

About {created_by}

The {created_by} Merge Tag allows you to display details of the entry creator. It supports all the functionality of the Gravity Forms and uses the same structure as the {user} Merge Tag documented on the Gravity Forms website.

Difference between {user} and {created_by}

The {user} merge tag displays information about the currently logged-in user.

The {created_by} displays information about the entry creator, if there is one.


The user must be logged in when the entry is submitted. If the user was not logged in when creating the entry, the {created_by} Merge Tag will be empty. You can wrap the {created_by} Merge Tag with a [gvlogic] shortcode to check for its existence.

  • {created_by:ID} - Displays the user ID of the entry creator
  • {created_by:display_name} - Displays the Display Name of the submitting user.
  • {created_by:user_email} - Displays the email of the submitting user.
  • {created_by:user_login} - Displays the user login of the submitting user. {user:user_login}
  • {created_by:[meta_key]} - Displays the value of whatever user meta key is provided. Any user meta (including custom user meta) can be displayed with this merge tag.
    • The first and last name of the entry creator: {created_by:first_name} {created_by:last_name}
    • The email of the current user: Thanks for getting in touch, {user:display_name}! We will be in touch here: <a href="mailto:{created_by:user_email}">{user:user_email}</a>.


You can add this code to a Custom Content field to link to the entry creator's User Profile page in the WordPress Dashboard:

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