My Entries Are Not Showing Up

GravityView does not fully support PHP 8.2 or newer versions. If your website runs on this version of PHP, your Views might not work as expected. Downgrading to PHP 8.1 fixes this problem.

After creating a View in GravityView, you may not see your entries appearing on the front end. Here are some possible reasons why:

1. Missing the secret attribute in the [gravityview] shortcode

If you are embedding the View using the [gravityview]shortcode and your View has the Enable Enhanced Security setting active, your shortcode might be missing the secret attribute. Read more about that here: Enable Enhanced Security: the secret attribute for shortcodes.

2. Your View Doesn't Have Any Fields

Make sure you add some fields to your View; otherwise you won't see any data appearing on the front end.

Screenshot of the Multiple Entries layout with some fields added

3. You Created a View Using a Form Preset

When you create a View using a form preset, GravityView creates a new form for you in Gravity Forms. However, this new form will not contain any entries. You'll need to manually add some entries before you can see anything appear on the front end.

Screenshot of the View editor showing the Use a Form Preset button

4. The View Is Set to "Show only approved entries"

If your form contains entries, but you don't see them in your View, it is likely because the View is set to "Show only approved entries".

When you enable "Show only approved entries", it hides entries until a moderator approves them.

For more information about approving entries in GravityView, read Approving or rejecting entries in GravityView.

Screenshot of the Settings panel for the View

5. Field Conditional Logic is being used on all fields

Field Conditional Logic, a feature introduced in version 2.1 of the Advanced Filter extension, doesn't hide empty fields from showing up on your View; it just outputs a different value or leaves the value empty.

If your View is showing empty rows like this:

A View showing empty rows

It means you are probably using the same Field Conditional logic on all fields (columns) added to your View.

Please consider using Advanced Filters to hide these empty entries instead.

How To Check Whether Your Form Has Any Entries

First, hover over  Forms and click on Forms.

Screenshot of the Forms menu of Gravity Forms

Now hover over the name of you form and click on the Entries link.

Screenshot of the Entries page of Gravity Forms

If your form has entries, they will appear here.

Screenshot of the Entries page of Gravity Forms

Note: If you have "Show only approved entries" enabled, you will need to approve or reject entries from this page. For guidance, please follow these instructions.

Creating New Entries

To create entries for a form, you'll need to embed the form in a post or page or click on the "Preview" link to preview the form. In either case, filling in the required fields and submitting the form will create a new entry.

Screenshot of the Gravity Forms page showing the Preview button

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