Display issues with the Search Bar

If your Search Bar layout is set to horizontal and it is displaying vertically, your browser may not support the "flexbox" functionality. 

Please visit What's My Browser and see what browser you're using. If you're using one of the following browsers, the fix we have will work for you:

Want to support the following browsers?

  • Chrome 21–28
  • Safari 6.1–8
  • Safari & Chrome for iOS 7.1–8.4
  • Opera 15–16

You can add the following CSS code to your website (here's how):

.gv-widget-search {
  display: -webkit-flex;
  -webkit-flex-flow: row wrap;
  -webkit-align-content: flex-start;
  -webkit-align-items: flex-start;
  -webkit-justify-content: space-between;
  -webkit-flex: 1 0 auto;

GravityView automatically supports browsers that makeup 99.7% of the global user base. The code above is for browsers older than that.

If you're having a different display issue

If you are having display issues with your Search Bar like in the image below:

Then, that means your theme's stylesheet is not "playing well" with our new flex-box styled Search Bar (introduced in version 1.17 on June 14, 2016).

Rest assured that can be easily fixed by using the previous styling of the Search Bar. You'll need to add the filter below to your theme:

add_filter('gravityview_use_legacy_search_style', '__return_true');

See where to add that code snippet above:  Where do I add the code samples you share?

After adding that code, your Search Bar should look like this:

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