Image charts for GravityCharts

This feature is currently in beta! If you encounter any issues, please let our support know.

The GravityCharts "Image Charts" feature (currently in beta) is powered by QuickChart.

These images of charts can be embedded in a post, page, email, or PDF generated by Gravity PDF using the [gravitycharts embed_type="image"] shortcode attribute throughout WordPress and by using the {gravitycharts} Merge Tag inside Gravity Forms.


We do not guarantee uptime or server responsiveness. We are hosting an instance of QuickChart to provide a more reliable service than likely provided by the free QuickChart service.

If you require better uptime, we recommend signing up for QuickCharts Professional plan.

Image charts are not dynamic

Images of charts represented the chart data when the image was generated. If the data changes, the image will not update. If an email contains an image of a chart, the image will not update when the form data changes.

Terms of service/privacy policy

Image generation requests are made to, a service not controlled by GravityKit. By using the image charts functionality, you agree to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. GravityKit makes no representations of the service provided by

If you prefer to use a self-hosted version of QuickChart, that is possible by updating the host value using the API.

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