The {gravitycharts} Merge Tag

This feature is currently in beta! If you encounter any issues, please let our support know.

GravityCharts has a Gravity Forms Merge Tag, {gravitycharts} that will be replaced by a static image of a chart feed.

The structure of the Merge Tag is:

{gravitycharts:[feed id]:[shortcode attributes]}

Merge Tag Attributes:

  • [feed id] is the ID of the chart feed.
  • [shortcode attributes] Optional. An ampersand-separated list of shortcode attributes that will override default values (see examples below).

Merge Tag examples

Display chart feed #123

This Merge Tag will be replaced by an image of chart feed #123 using the default width of an image chart (500px) and the default height of an image chart (300px).


Chart a single entry on the form confirmation page

By including entry=true, you can add the {gravitycharts} merge tag to a Gravity Forms confirmation to display a chart that showcases the data for the entry just submitted.


Setting chart width and height

It is possible to override the width and height of the image chart because the [gravitycharts] shortcode has width and height attributes. Using the attribute formatting supported by shortcodes in WordPress, you can override the defaults by passing width=500&height=250 to the Merge Tag:


This Merge Tag will now be replaced by an image 500px wide and 250px tall.

Note that a colon is added between the chart feed ID and the shortcode attributes. This is required.

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