The {gravitycharts} Merge Tag

This feature is currently in beta! If you encounter any issues, please let our support know.

GravityCharts has a Gravity Forms Merge Tag, {gravitycharts} that will be replaced by a static image of a chart feed.

The structure of the Merge Tag is:

{gravitycharts:[feed id]:[shortcode attributes]}

Merge Tag Attributes:

  • [feed id] is the ID of the chart feed.
  • [shortcode attributes] Optional. An ampersand-separated list of shortcode attributes that will override default values (see examples below).

Merge Tag examples

Display chart feed #123

This Merge Tag will be replaced by an image of chart feed #123 using the default width of an image chart (500px) and the default height of an image chart (300px).


Setting chart width and height

It is possible to override the width and height of the image chart because the [gravitycharts] shortcode has width and height attributes. Using the attribute formatting supported by shortcodes in WordPress, you can override the defaults by passing width=500&height=250 to the Merge Tag:


This Merge Tag will now be replaced by an image 500px wide and 250px tall.

Note that a colon is added between the chart feed ID and the shortcode attributes. This is required.

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