The [gravitycharts] Shortcode

The [gravitycharts] shortcode enables embedding a GravityCharts chart into post or page content.

The following parameters are available: 

Name Description Required?
id The ID of the chart feed to embed. Required
height Define a maximum height (CSS max-height property) for the chart in pixels. Optional
width Define a maximum width (CSS max-width property) for the chart in pixels. Optional
embed_type To embed an image of the chart, set it to "image".
entry To chart data from a single entry, specify the entry ID. Optional


This shortcode would embed chart #5 and have a maximum width of 400px: [gravitycharts id="5" width="400"].

This shortcode would embed an image of chart #5 and have a width of 400px:

[gravitycharts id="5" width="400" embed_type="image"].

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