How to Embed Charts on Your Website

There are three different ways to embed a chart on your website with GravityCharts:

  1. By using a shortcode: The [gravitycharts] Shortcode;
  2. By embedding an image of the chart: Image charts for GravityCharts;
  3. By using the GravityCharts block. See below for more information.

Embedding a Chart on a page/post using the GravityCharts block

After creating a new chart, you can embed it on your website using the GravityCharts block. Here’s how to do it.

Edit your page and click on the ‘+’ icon in the WordPress block editor. Now search for “GravityCharts” and add the GravityCharts block to your page.

The GravityCharts WordPress block

Next, click on the block to open the block settings in the right-hand panel. Now select your form and feed from the dropdown menus.

The GravityCharts block settings with two dropdowns for Form and Feed

 After that, you’ll see a preview of your chart load inside the editor.

A GravityCharts block showing the chart preview inside the WordPress block editor

If you only want to chart data from a single entry, enter the entry ID under the "Advanced" tab.

The entry ID input box under the 'Advanced' tab in the field settings for the GravityCharts block

When you’re done, update your page.

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