Changing image size on the Multiple Entries screen

When embedding images on the Multiple Entries screen, GravityView sets the default image width to 250px, which may not be ideal in all cases. Example:

Multiple entries view with photo that is too small

You can change the display width of your photo, by editing your View, clicking on the Multiple Entries Layout tab, then clicking the gear icon to associated with the image field. This will open the field settings:

Clicking the gear icon to edit the image field options

From the field settings, enter a new value to set the display width (in pixels) of your images:

Overriding the default image width by entering a value in the Custom Width field

Please note, height is auto-calculated by the browser using the width and aspect ratio of the image.

Click the Close button on the field settings screen.

Click Update to save your View. 

Screenshot of updating View

Your embedded images will display at their new width:

The Multiple Entries View after applying a custom width to an embedded photo

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