Modifying the entries displayed in a View

GravityView provides the gravityview/view/entries filter which can be used to modify entries before they are displayed on the View.

Below is a code snippet that can be used as a boilerplate for custom modifications:

add_filter( 'gravityview/view/entries', 'gv_filter_gravityview_view_entries', 10, 3 );

 * @param \GV\Entry_Collection $entries The entries for this view.
 * @param \GV\View $view The view.
 * @param \GV\Request $request The request.
 * @return \GV\Entry_Collection
function gv_filter_gravityview_view_entries( $entries, $view = null, $request = null ) {

	// Only filter entries for View #123
	if( 123 !== $view->ID ) {
		return $entries;

	if( ! $entries instanceof \GV\Entry_Collection ) {
		return $entries;

	// There's no way to remove entries from a collection; instead, we just create a new one
	$return = new \GV\Entry_Collection();

	foreach( $entries->all() as $entry ) {

		// Your custom code here!

	return $return;

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