Modifying the entries displayed in a View

This code is meant for developers only. If you are just trying to filter View results, please use the Advanced Filter extension instead, which doesn't require any coding skills.

GravityView provides the gravityview/view/entries filter which can be used to modify entries before they are displayed on the View.

Below is a code snippet that can be used as a boilerplate for custom modifications:

add_filter( 'gravityview/view/entries', 'gv_filter_gravityview_view_entries', 10, 3 );

 * @param \GV\Entry_Collection $entries The entries for this view.
 * @param \GV\View $view The view.
 * @param \GV\Request $request The request.
 * @return \GV\Entry_Collection
function gv_filter_gravityview_view_entries( $entries, $view = null, $request = null ) {

	// Only filter entries for View #123
	if( 123 !== $view->ID ) {
		return $entries;

	if( ! $entries instanceof \GV\Entry_Collection ) {
		return $entries;

	// There's no way to remove entries from a collection; instead, we just create a new one
	$return = new \GV\Entry_Collection();

	foreach( $entries->all() as $entry ) {

		// Your custom code here!

	return $return;
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