Getting Started With the Advanced Filtering Extension

In this article, we’ll show you how to get set up with the Advanced Filtering extension. The Advance Filtering extension adds conditional logic filters to GravityView, giving you full control over which entries you display in a View.

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What Is Conditional Logic?

Conditional logic refers to a way of making decisions based on certain parameters. A typical conditional logic statement would be something like “If {field_value} contains A, then display the entry”.

A diagram showing the decision-making process involved in conditional logic

To learn more about conditional logic in Gravity Forms, read our ultimate guide to Gravity Forms conditional logic.

Installing Advanced Filtering

You can install the Advanced Filtering extension from inside WordPress. Simply hover over "GravityKit", click "Products & Licenses", scroll down to "Advanced Filtering" (under "Extensions") and click "Install Now".

The Install Now button for the GravityView Advanced Filtering extension

When the extension has finished installing, click Activate. Now you can start adding advanced filtering conditions to your Views.

Adding a Filtering Condition to Your View

From inside the View Editor, scroll down to the View Settings and click on the tab that says “Filter & Sort”. Next, click on the button that says “Add Condition” underneath “Advanced Filter”.

The Advanced Filtering settings in the GravityView View Settings

Now you can set up a condition to limit which entries are visible in your View. To create a condition, modify the values in the three input boxes.

An advanced filtering condition to only display entries that were created after the first of January, 2022

To add multiple conditions, click on the ‘+ AND’ button or the ‘+ OR’ button.

Adding Multiple Conditions

The Advanced Filter allows you to add multiple conditions using either "AND" or "OR" logic.

AND vs OR Logic

Adding a second condition with AND means that both conditions must be met for the entry to be displayed. Adding a second condition with OR means that either condition must be met for the entry to be displayed. You're not limited as to how many conditions you can create.

Advanced Filter Common Use-Cases

The Advanced Filtering extension is a powerful addition to GravityView. Here are some common use cases:

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