How to show only entries created by the currently logged-in user

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If you want only to show entries created by the currently logged-in user, you can do that using GravityKit's Advanced Filter Extension.

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1. Find the Filter & Sort tab in the Settings panel inside the View editor

It's below the layout tabs.

Screenshot of the Settings panel inside the View editor

⚠️The Advanced Filter section only shows up after installing the Advanced Filter extension. Learn how to Install, Activate, and Update GravityKit Plugins.

2. Click the Add Condition button

Screenshot of the Advanced Filter section inside the Settings panel3. In the Advanced Filter row, select "Created By"

Click on the "Any form field" dropdown and choose the option titled "Created By". By default, the option is to limit only to entries created by the Currently Logged-in User.

Screenshot of filter 'Created By' 'is' 'Currently Logged-in User'

You can exclude Administrators* from being filtered.

If you want Administrators to be able to see all entries, that's possible too! Just select the next option: "Currently Logged-in User (disabled for Admins)".

* Editors or custom roles with the following capabilities manage_options, gravityforms_view_entries, gravityview_edit_others_entries are also included in this option. Read more about capabilities in GravityView.

Dropdown of options for 'Created By' filter, with 'Currently Logged-in User (disabled for Admins)' selected.

Don't forget to save the View!

For the filters to take effect, you will need to save the View. At the top of the screen in the "Publish" box, click the "Update" button:

Screenshot of the Publish metabox inside the View editor

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