Installing, Activating, and Updating GravityKit Plugins

This article will show you how to install, activate and update GravityKit plugins and extensions using our new settings framework.

To manage GravityKit products on your website, hover over the GravityKit menu in your WordPress dashboard and click on the Manage Your Kit page. 

Screenshot of the Manage Your Kit link under GravityKit's menu

At the top, you will see an overview of your active licenses. Learn more about license management.

Product Management

Scroll down past the licenses; you’ll see an overview of all GravityKit plugins, extensions, and layouts.

The GravityKit

The top bar provides several filters for cycling through products based on their status on your site (i.e. whether they're active, inactive, installed, in need of an update, etc).

If you have access to a product, but it isn't installed on your website, you can install it from this screen by clicking “Install Now” (no need to go to the “Plugins” page in WordPress). Once a product is installed, you can activate or deactivate it using the toggle.

Updating Products

Click on "Update Available" to see all GravityKit products that require an update (or simply look for products where the version number is red). You can run the update by clicking on the Update button. It's as simple as that!
Filtering for GravityKit products that require an update

Unlicensed Products

When a product does not have a valid license, you'll see a warning message identifying that product as an unlicensed product. If you already have a license key, click "I have a license key" to enter it and activate it. If you don't have a valid license key, click Buy Now to get one. We cannot provide updates or support for unlicensed products.

A plugin overview with a warning message indicating that it's an unlicensed product

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