Displaying video, audio, and media links as a player using the Custom Content field

Imagine you have a field in your form where people share a Vimeo or YouTube link, and you'd like to display those links as a Video player instead of the link to the video. Or you have a tweet from Twitter that you want to embed in a View. 

By using the Custom Content field and enabling the "Render oEmbeds" field setting, you can embed video, audio, slideshows, documents, and other media from many services, including:

Here's how:

1. Add a Custom Content field to your View

Click the "Add View" button, then click the Custom Content field.

Screenshot of Add View button

2. Click the gear icon to configure the field settings.

A Custom Content field placeholder, with a gear icon visible.

2. Add the merge tag to the content's field.

Screenshot of Custom Content field with {Video Link:2} field in it.

3. Check the checkbox "Render oEmbeds"

Screenshot of Custom Content field 'Render oEmbeds' checkbox checked.

4. Save the View

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