How to customize the "Loading data" text

If you are using the DataTables extension and would like to customize the text of the message "Loading data..." when the table is being processed (e.g. a sort), then change the LOADING... text below and add the following code to your website:

function my_gv_dt_custom_loading_message( $loading_text, $view ) {
	$loading_text = 'LOADING...';
	return $loading_text;
add_filter( 'gravityview_datatables_loading_text', 'my_gv_dt_custom_loading_message', 10, 2 );

Read here how to add these code samples to your website: Where to put code samples.

Having this message enabled is particularly useful for tables with large amounts of data where it can take a noticeable amount of time to sort the entries.

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