Displaying events from another calendar in your calendar

GravityCalendar allows an additional iCal (the standard calendar format) calendar feed to be displayed on the same GravityCalendar calendar. This is helpful if you want to, for example, display federal holidays along with your events.

Here’s how to display an external calendar on your calendar

Inside the GravityCalendar tab on the Form Settings page, find your feed and click "Edit" to access the feed's details.

Screenshot of the form settings page

You can display another GravityCalendar feed on this calendar! To do this, enable the Calendar Subscription Link on the other calendar feed, then paste that URL into this feed’s "Display Events from Another Calendar Feed" setting.

Inside the feed configuration screen, scroll down to the "Display Events from Another Calendar Feed" section, where you will be able to paste the URL of an external iCal feed—or another GravityCalendar feed from your website—and choose a different color for this feed:

Screenshot of the Display Events from Another Calendar Feed section inside the feed configuration screen

If the feed isn't properly formatted, it may not work! Use the iCalendar Validator to check whether your feed is valid.

Make sure to save the new settings at the bottom of the screen:

Screenshot of the Save Settings button

That's it! Now check your calendar for the additional events in a different color:

Screenshot of the calendar with additional events

Looking for National Holidays to add to your calendar? Check this website: https://www.officeholidays.com.

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