Add a GravityCalendar to Google Calendar

In this article, we'll show you how to sync an existing GravityCalendar with your Google Calendar. This means that all events on your GravityCalendar will also show up on your Google Calendar.

The first step is to enable the "calendar subscription link" feature in your existing GravityCalendar feed. 

The GravityCalendar subscription link with a button that says 'Copy to clipboard'Now, head over to your Google Calendar and click on the "+" icon next to "Other calendars" in the bottom left corner.

The plus icon next to whre it says 'Other calendars' in Google CalendarYou will now see several options for adding a new calendar. Select "From URL".

A list of options for adding external calendars to Google Calendar. There is an arrow pointing to the option that says 'From URL'

Now paste the GravityCalendar feed URL into the box and click "Add calendar".

A input box for the external calendar URL and a button that says 'Add calendar' in Google CalendarThat's it! Your GravityCalendar will now sync with your Google Calendar. 

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