Using shortcodes inside Gravity Forms notifications

When sending a notification, you may want to have a different email subject line based on the value of a field. In that case, you can use [gvlogic]. Unfortunately, Gravity Forms only processes shortcodes inside a notification's Message field (the email body). It does not process shortcodes inside other fields, such as the Subject.

To process shortcodes inside other notification fields, we will use Gravity Forms’ gform_notification filter. Here's an example of processing shortcodes inside the To, Subject, and From Name fields:

ℹ️ Only run shortcodes that you know contain safe output! Using a shortcode in these fields has the potential to break the Notifications functionality.

 * @param array $notification
add_filter( 'gform_notification', function( $notification ) {

	$notification['to']       = do_shortcode( $notification['to'] );
	$notification['subject']  = do_shortcode( $notification['subject'] );
	$notification['fromName'] = do_shortcode( $notification['fromName'] );

	return $notification;
} );

Now, you can use shortcodes inside your subject line like this:

[gvlogic if="{Industry:3}" is="Automobiles"]🚘 Drive in![else]🚴 Bike in![/gvlogic]

Screenshot of the subject field of a form notification containing the [gvlogic] shortcode

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